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His Intro
legend_ribbon ihavenomaps spoon_bending cascadeing perfectpallet
His Attempt to Get Girls.
ihavenomaps pokemaniacal spoon_bending cascadeing perfectpallet
madame_rae notnamed_joy mydadthemaster wannagetlucky

His so-called 'Magazine'.
mamaketchum cutecoordinator ihavenomaps cascadeing quiescentblue spoon_bending
mtsilver_champ iceolated silencedtrainer arrogantshorts tintedspring highestleveled

His Date.
ihavenomaps tintedspring championfire
His Missing Eevee
marigold_flame silencedtrainer championfire arrogantshorts theoakmiester iceolated
Gym Leader Green and His..... Transformation + Eevee
ihavenomaps antecedes championfire iceolated highestleveled championdouche
His Birthday Party
prettyin_blue cascadeing divinejudge championfire insultyoulater notinmtsilver mini_healer golden_echo
erointhemaking stalkerwithacap givespoisonoak turnoveranew championdouche oneloss iceolated maiden_melody

His Fear
championfire cascadeing erointhemaking turnoveranew iceolated pokesilence givespoisonoak


goldgrunt + 'Team Rocket Grunt Gold'
wingnut_owl + Goofy Feather and Square Toaster
golden_echo + Kotone is Hibiki or Hibiki is Kotone?
iceolated + How do you make a conversation between them anyway?
cascadeing + And it ends with a plan for a New Year Party
legends_pikachu + They really don't get along.
highestleveled + ........Red's Pikachu(s) are annoying..
zappedketchum + Meeting Red's.....alternate..
rival_twerp + Kids these days..!
arrogantshorts + Not another of those doubles!
iceolated + ..This almost feels like a deja vu.
iceolated - highestleveled + Trekking up the mountain
cascadeing + Trapped with the violent girl.
tintedspring + The victory goes to..
turnoveranew - iceolated + Reunion with..pocky game
arrogantshorts + Helping poor boy in love
plasma_phantom + Please Be More Careful With Mischievous Mini Pokemon
rock_polished + It's a whole different world
theoakmiester + Professor Oak; He Came
tintedspring + Birthday Pie on His Face
douchely + Douche(s)
arrogantshorts + Pokemon battle makes everything better
supereffectred + You got the wrong douche
ultimate_ringer + Old woman yelling
keepbattlingon + More old people
cutecoordinator + One Egg Get! ...Is it a good one?
turnoveranew + Costume Playing
gen_v_illusion + (attemp to) Getting a present for Gramps
srsbeatdown - brbtraining + Older but still so reckless.
oneloss + Another innocent mind to be corrupted.
insultyoulater + This just doesn't feel right..
theoakmiester + Family Bonding Time.
kantoprincess + Welcome to Lonely Island, Princess.
arocketlaunched + The Biggest Mistake
insultyoulater + Hating everything
dokidoki4kotone + Wrong redheaded brat
golden_echo + Pink Girly guy
keepbattlingon + In which Green's grateful she's not his grandma
ellipseless + Talkative Red
in_redtribution - greenorbust + Fight Fight Fight!
aura_check + Damsel in Distress sense is tingling
quiescentblue + Those lucky protagonists
cascadeing + Misty went TMI
tintedspring - championfire + Drawing drawing
cascadeing + Flower girl
tintedspring + Nude painting
theoakmiester + Being a good boy
tintedspring + Just watching
iceolated - turnoveranew + Christmas Eve I
ihavenomaps - cascadeing + Christmas Eve II


legend_ribbon + cascadeing + healing_yellow

New Year Party
iceolated + cascadeing
The Beginning - The Destruction The Finale
earthboundqueen + iceolated + highestleveled + sky_titan + notnamed_joy
Pink Arows
iceolated + highestleveled + cascadeing + spoon_bending + trapion
Ability Malfunction
newbarkhero + rulesoftheworld + cascadeing
Aging and De-aged.
notinmtsilver + championfire + iceolated + turnoveranew
highestleveled + theoakmiester + mtsilver_champ + insultyoulater
forceofwater + cascadeing

Cosplay Ball
tintedspring + oneloss + pokemonchampion + notinmtsilver + mtsilver_champ + insultyoulater
Summer Party
not_pikablu + golden_echo + insultyoulater + iceolated + turnoveranew
Virgin Ears - Word Battle?
insultyoulater + turnoveranew + tintedspring + gymconqueror
End of the Summer Party
mtsilver_champ + howdaring + cascadeing + trapion
iceolated + spoon_bending + boardshorty + howdaring + mineralfruit
lunardancing + championfire + tintedspring + turnoveranew + oneloss

Truth or Lies
Island Expansion
turnoveranew + cascadeing + erointhemaking + championfire
Ice Hotel
erointhemaking + soiahkra
New Year's Eve Party
turnoveranew + iceolated + oneloss + alwaysloses


Anonymous Post Office Meme
iceolated + cascadeing + ihavenomaps + highestleveled
Shout Out Meme
magitabasa + coloa + imparfit
Phonecall Meme
notyetamaster + mamaketchum + championfire
IC Chat Meme
pokemonchampion + ihavenomaps + championfire + keepbattlingon
cascadeing + angrypinsir + datbluedog + greatbantam
galactic_geezer + mischiefbreeder + pallettown_gal + ihasatrenchcoat

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