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Green Oak

[IC] Backdated to Christmas' Eve

[ ...Still no luck on finding Leaf and Green almost forgot about Christmas. He actually felt bad about it, he also didn't get a present for his sister, his... acquaintances on the island, Misty, and of course, two of the most troublesome people he's ever known. Still, even if he did remember, he still doesn't know what to give them. Aren't they still fighting? Has Red apologize? Well, Green's 99% sure he hasn't.

Green decided to return home tonight, it would be horrible to let Daisy spend the night alone with just Misty and he also needed to talk to Red again. As he walked back to his hut, his Machamp was behind him, a pine tree on its shoulder. ]
Tags: bawwww, ic, what is love baby don't hurt me

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