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Name: Green Oak
Age: 16 (going on 17)
Birthdate: November 22nd (same birthday as pokespe green because i was lazy to pick a birthday :V)
Birthplace: Pallet Town
Dominant Hand: Left, but he can use his right hand too
Eyesight: Normal.

Height: 5'7/170 cm-ish
Weight: around 60 kg, I'M SORRY BUT I ONLY KNOW METRIC
Hair: Light brown, sandy. like dirty blond
Eyes: Green
Skin: Fair, a little tanned.
Other facial features: pretty nothing too noteworthy

Favourite food: his sister's cooking.
Favourite colour: and black, gray and navy
Favourite movies: something action/adventure/war/fantasy/sci-fi genre! typical boys. also, he'd be the type who finds stuff like Epic Movie funny.
Favourite books: comic books :I sure, he does read some heavy books (gramps!!), but they're not "favorites"
Favourite music: pop/rock, stuff that are easy to be remembered
Favourite animalpokemon: EEVEE, Pidgeot, Staraptor (tell you what, he likes Staraptor more than Pidgeot now (LOOK HOW COOL IT IS) but he's not telling /his/ Pidgeot that), Gyarados and Rhydon.
Favourite weather: sunny, but he likes windy too (it blows those skirts).
Favourite sport/physical activity: jogging and weigh lifting. he does that every morning! He also would love to try snorkeling/diving.
Favourite date spot: hasn't decided on any in this island. but he went to the Seven Lakes mountain with tintedspring once, and would love to return.
Preferred type:
Best subject: if this means school subject, it'd be math or geography.

Disliked food: anything too sweet. cakes, syrup, etc.
Disliked colour: pink and orange.
Disliked movies: sappy romance, slice of life.
Disliked books: anything with purple prose and big words. "What are you? Trying to look smart?"
Disliked music: slow music, anything with ~too sweet~ lyrics
Disliked animalpokemon: . . . Pikachu. But if we don't take it personally, it's Diglett. it looks so stupid.
Disliked weather: Rain and thunderstorm.
Disliked sport/physical activity: aerobic
Disliked date spot:
Disliked type:
Worst subject: Economy.

Description of bedroom: Actually, his bedroom isn't messy. Maybe because he's used to Daisy's neatness, so he tries to make his bed whenever he'shome, puts all his books together on his shelf neatly, etc. Oh oops, there's also his porn collection under his bed but you don't know that.
Scents (shampoo/cologne/lotion/etc.): normal guy perfume (not too strong, but you can still smell it even after 2-3 hours), and whatever shampoo/soap that is in the bathroom (unless it looks too girly).
Laugh: LAUGH OUT LOUD. normal guy laugh and not too exaggerated unless he wants to.
Sense of humour: ...very insulting. It's not rare to have people mistaken his jokes as insults.
Temper: SHORT. He can switch from his cool mode to ANGRYRAGEIHATEYOU mode in a mere flick of fingers.
Basic nature: Relaxed, bored easily, playful and determined.
Kinsey rating: lol 1

Spends money on: Pokemon stuff (mostly Eevee).
Daily rituals:
Random trivia: can use both his right hand and left hand properly
Currently wants:
Dress (style, colors): black t-shirt (depends, during winter it's usually turtleneck), dirty green bomber jacket, brown pants, and on island, he mostly wears sneakers.
Current occupation: Viridian City Gym Leader.
Marital status: Dating tintedspring
Current Residence: Awesome Island. Living with ihavenomaps and cascadeing in a hut next to iceolated and turnoveranew's.

Sun sign:
Moon sign:
Rising sign:

Dominant character traits: Laid-back,
Likable traits:
Annoying traits: Arrogant, blunt, short temper

Love interest(s): tintedspring
Lust interest(s): . . . .
Close friends: every Red and Leaf ever! maybe. only the normal ones.
Other friends: Kotone, Hibiki, arrogantshorts, cascadeing
Enemies and why: arocketlaunched
Family: Daisy and Professor Oak.

Habits: snorting when he finds you/something ridiculous.
Entertainment of choice: Pokemon training....... and uh, hitting on girls and bothering Hibiki/Kotone/Silver too.
Musical talents: whistling --um, none.
Ambitions: TO BEAT RED!!! (and Leaf)
Educational background:
Philosophy of life:

Introvert/extrovert: extrovert
Intuitive/reasoning: depends
Optimist/pessimist: optimist
Tense/relaxed: relaxed
Serious/carefree: carefree


What is your earliest memory?
Uhh, that I played a lot with Red and Leaf when we were kids? Oh and that they've been dumb since we're kids.

What was your biggest disillusion as a child?
I remember this; That if we're such a powerful pokemon trainer, we'd be able to use pokemon moves as well. It took little me days to get over that it wasn't true.

What's one thing no one knows about you?
If I tell you, then it's not special anymore.

What's one thing everyone assumes about you that isn't true?
That I'm a pervert, everybody is so tense and assuming.

What's one thing you wish you could stop?

What's one thing you've always wanted to do, but never have?

What are you a sucker for?
[ makes the biggest PFFFFFFFFT sound ]

What's your biggest pet peeve?

What is your most prized possession?
My necklace.

What can absolutely make your day, no matter what?
Training together with my pokemon!

What's the worst part of your life right now?
Man, when you've got a girl of your own, you realize that even the worst thing is beautiful.

... Well, you know that drug incident? Yeah.

Do you have or want children?
Yeahhh maybe.

If/when you ever have children, what is one thing you absolutely want to teach them?
Don't give up? I haven't thought about this kind of stuff, sheesh.

What was the worst advice your father ever gave you? The best?
My last memory of him was when I was seven, so. -No, don't give me that look! No pity, moving on to the next question!

When did you feel you'd finally 'come of age?'

How do you feel about sex?
This is a private matter.

Describe your ideal significant other.
My current girl is perfect for me, y'know!

How do you deal with depression, stress or sadness?
I don't depress.

How do you think of yourself?

How do your friends think of you?

How do your enemies think of you?

Who is your biggest role model?
Myself. Nah, just kiddin'. I guess it could be my grandpa? He's the closest to a role model that I could think of, as long as he remembers his grandson's name.

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?
I managed to become the champion.

What has been your most humbling experience to date?

What will it take for you to die happy?

What would you rather be doing right now?
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